Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bathroom Inspiration...

Haven't written in awhile, waiting for that special inspiration. And lately, I've been preoccupied with other things, like my impending unemployment (which I am not at all sad or worried about, just wishing for it to hurry up and get here! Government Assistance, here I come!). So basically I'm behind on anything decor-related. Made a stop over at my go-to home decor blog, Apartment Therapy and saw this bathroom in Wes and Kayla's home tour:
Isn't it lovely? This bathroom is laid out basically the same way mine is, and although mine is currently unicorns-and-rainbows pink, I think it could work. It makes the room come alive! Like a spring day. I never really cared for this shower curtain before, it felt rather ubiquitous to me, but now I kind of want it... Do i really want to spend 50 bucks on a Marimekko shower curtain?? With all the colors flying around the bathroom, it's starting to feel like an Almodovar movie in there :)

Pic: Apartment Therapy house tour, Wes, Kayla, and Bacon's Brookline Remix