Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Craig's Makeover Part 1

I found this charming little alcove studio, located in Washington Heights. It has a rounded entryway, which gives it a bit of architectural detail, as well as a cottage-y feel. If I lived alone, this place would probably be a great option. The kitchen is through the doorway, but the post didn't include a picture of the kitchen or the bathroom. So here's what I'm thinking:

I would designate the alcove as an office area. I would separate the living room into two partitions using ceiling-mounted sheers from Ikea, so as not to block light. I wouldn't completely divide the living space, just mounting the sheers probably halfway across the room, leaving a 'doorway'. The partition with the windows (I'm guessing by the amount of light, there's a double window in the living area) would become the 'bedroom'. The other section of the room would become the 'living room'. Stay tuned for Part 2, Color.

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