Thursday, April 16, 2009

On Set: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is one of those movies with a breezy style that feels effortless. Gauzy and natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, and colors from nature, like clay, terracotta, and sky blue, give this film a kind of exotic adventure, safari-like vibe. I can imagine lots of mosquito netting on this set. I also love the use of tropical plants.

The style of this film would be easy to replicate on the cheap. Minimalism is useful here. A few key, big pieces, wood or metal, should be enough to anchor the room. Paint the walls in muted earthy tones. Don't forget a Spanish splash of blue, in art work, or maybe in a smaller piece of furniture. Curtains should be linen or linen-look, and should drape on the floor. Bedding should be a textured white or beige.

Another important thing to keep in mind in trying to replicate this look is to look for pieces that are a little banged up and antiqued. Shouldn't be too hard to find at a thrift store or flea market. And don't neglect lighting. I love the little modern globe light on the table, it's an unexpected item that adds some fun to the room.

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