Monday, April 20, 2009

Rustic Farmhouse Tables.

This post is kind of in conjunction with my recent post about Vicky Christina Barcelona and my continuing dining room obsession. I understand some people in the know have declared the farmhouse table over, but I still love blocky, heavy, rustic tables. They look so great matched with a minimal or modern decor! And of course, the best rustic table would be one built by someone Amish or rescued from a flea market in Kansas or something, but here are some that are more accessible to us monetarily-challenged urban dwellers:

Better Homes and Gardens Farmhouse Table,, 127.00

Farmhouse table,, 199.58, on sale from 499.00.

Rustic Dining table,, 199.99

Sanders Cove Dining table,, 379.00 on sale from 649.00.

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