Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bedroom Color!

Yay! I think I found my bedroom color! (Well, it's pretty darn close) I like this Olive Tree from RL Home Paints. I think I can find a similar color, maybe a little lighter, in a Glidden shade. Love Glidden, it's never let me down, and it's about ten bucks cheaper.

Also, my room gets more light than this room appears to get, so it won't be quite as dark.
This shade:

Minced Ginger from Behr... hate Behr, can try and find a similar shade in Glidden. I think this would be nice for my little hallway, which is now painted a slightly hideous shade of sunshine-y, gold-y yellow. I'm sooooooo over it.

Pics from Apartment Therapy, House Tour: Emily & Jacob's Poetically Photographed Home.

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